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Developed for the CCG and now a glowing example of a spar buoy. 600mm.


Ideal for small ports and harbours with second to none stability. 1000mm.

For rough seas and heavy payloads the SB-3.0 has proven very popular.

Tideland sb-285p

Ideal for open sea use with additional capacity for a RACON or Met/Hyd equipment. 2.5m.

Most popular as a cost effective channel marker buoy which may include local manufacture. 2.2m

A larger patented version of the extremely successful SB-98P. 2.2m.

The Future - high performance and low maintenance. 1.8m.

The industry standard which many have copied for an "after market" version. 1.75m.

Best in Class for a medium sized buoy that has exceptional stability in fast water yet is easy to handle and maintain. 1.5m.

New to our product range and specifically designed for use in ice or even a river buoy. 1200mm

As the name suggests, a truly versatile addition to our product range. 1250mm

A world class articulated buoy for accurate channel marking in deeper waters.